Midnight In The Forest

Red-throated diver family swimming on a small tarn. Two sizes available 70×50 cm and 40×30 cm.

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Waxwings sharing an apple. Two sizes available 70×50 cm (including a 5 cm margin for the passe-partout) and 40×30 cm (including a 4 cm margin on the sides and 5 cm margin top/bottom).

Limited Edition – The print is sold in a limited edition of a total of 40 copies. Once 40 copies (in different sizes) have been sold the print will not be sold again. The print is numbered and signed. It will be delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Description – This print shows a red-throated diver family swimming on a small tarn a summer night. I photographed the picture at the beginning of July this year near my home village in the northern parts of Sweden. I had been waiting in my hide all evening for a good moment when the mist started to appear around midnight and I was able to capture the moment. Summer nights in the forest can be very magical this time of year.

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70×50, 40×30

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