About me

Fatima Boukarchid

Fatima Boukarchid

Nature has always been a part of my life. I was born and raised in a small village in the northern parts of Sweden. At a young age, I followed my parents and grandparents fishing and picking berries in the forest. The forest was always a magical and exciting place for me. It was a place where it was possible to spot animals like the moose, capercaillies, and black grouses.

Today I live in Sundsvall, a city located in the northern part of Sweden. I have also spent many years in Stockholm, where I moved after receiving a Master of Science degree in Engineering from the University in 2008. I started photographing 2014 when I realized how it allows you to discover the wonders of nature and how fun it is. These days I love to portray the wildlife of the forests.

My pictures often depict birds and other animals. I enjoy trying to include some part of the animal’s personality in my images. A goal with my photography is to inspire others to experience nature and also to spread the understanding of the importance of taking care of it.

My pictures have been published in the magazine Sveriges Natur (Issue 3, 2019), in the book Upplever i Stockholms Natur (2018), and I have also participated several times as a jury member of Fotosidan Masters photo competition and in the nature photo exhibition Royal National City Park 25 years (2020, Stockholm), and others. I’m also a member of the Swedish association Naturfotograferna /N since 2021. It’s the association for Sweden’s foremost nature photographers, and it promotes ethical photography and conservation of nature.


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