About me

Fatima Boukarchid

Fatima Boukarchid

Nature has always been a part of my life since I was born and raised in a small village in the northern parts of Sweden. My interest for nature started very early when I followed my parents and grandparents fishing and picking berries in the forest. The forest was always a magical and exiting place for me where it was possible to spot animals like the moose, capercaillies and black grouses. 

I live in Stockholm since 2008 where I moved after receiving a Master of Science degree in Engineering from Umeå University. Today I work there as a software developer by day time.   

I started photographing 2014 when I realized how it allowed you to discover all the wonders of nature and how incredibly fun it is. The pictures often depicts birds and other animals. I enjoy trying to include some part of the animal’s personality in my pictures. A goal with my photography is to inspire others to experience nature and also to spread the understanding of the importance of taking care of it.


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